Mazar's Mystical Offerings


Intuitive Spiritual Counseling Sessions 

These Spiritual Counseling and Healing Sessions are for anyone who has a block or issue in their life, which they have not been able to release or resolve.  During the session we will identify the source of the issue or block and assist you in releasing it.  By the end of the session all energies past, present, or future, relating to this specific issue will have vanished, which is why the individual will then feel complete or "healed" of the situation.

Anyone who seeks guidance in any area of their life will also greatly benefit from a Spiritual Counseling and Healing Session.

Our intention for each Spiritual Counseling Session is to assist in the spiritual advancement of the individual we are working with.  In our experience, all issues are resolved first in the spiritual realm, which is where the actual healing occurs.  Whether the issue began in a past life, future life, present life, or off planet life, (simultaneous life) once the origin of the issue is recognized and released, then healing occurs simultaneously in the individual's other time space realities.

Because Earth is moving at an accelerated rate into the higher frequencies, these Spiritual Counseling Sessions and Light Messages Sessions are wonderful for Light Workers, Healers, or Star Seeds who need assistance in connecting to their Divinity and/or their Cosmic or Future Self.

Even though we are working in the spiritual realm, all work is done psychically, mystically and intuitively.

Guidelines for having a Spiritual Counseling and Healing Session:

Please allow an hour of time for your session.

Place yourself in a quiet private space (TV or radio turned off.)

Make sure you will not be disturbed during the session.

Have paper and pen handy for notes if necessary.

If you have any essential oils, have them nearby as you may be instructed to use them during or after a session.

All sessions are by appointment and are conducted over the phone.

Spiritual Counseling and Healing Sessions are $180.00 USD per session.

Light Messages

A transformational, uplifting, reading.

Light Messages is a galactic message for the recipient, first being delivered through tones and the language of light, then guidance and information is communicated in English.

During a Light Messages session these galactic, multidimensional, Divine frequencies come through Katarinah as sounds and tones.

The sound frequencies of the tones and light language is a communication of light, which helps connect us to the Divine Creator. A high vibratory frequency that uplifts and transforms us multidimensionally. This is our heritage, our truth as star seeds, light workers, and children of the Divine.

The recipients hearing these frequencies of light report how these sounds dissolve low vibrations of fear, leaving only love and joy in their place.  Others say this toning and light language brings remembrance to the soul of who we really are. In some people the "Light Messages"  activate the light body and bring mathematical downloads multidimensionally into the individual. These divine sound frequencies shift, transform, uplift, activate, empower and renew us. (see Testimonial page.)

A Light Messages session brings guidance to the individual and assists in uplifting their vibratory frequency.  

 (To read more about Toning see "The Mystical Power of Vocal Toning" on the events page.)

Light Messages sessions are:

30 minutes is $60.00 USD per session.

45 minutes is $90.00 USD per session.

60 minutes is $125.00 USD per session.

Returning clients receive 10% off the above prices.

Chord Cutting

Cutting chords that exist between two or more individuals is a very powerful process. The chords that are cut are the unhealthy chords that exist on many dimensions between people.

Cutting chords sets both individual parties free. When there are no attached chords, a person is also freed up from being directly and easily affected by negative energies or entities that may be coming through the chords from the other individual.

The Divine connection of love that binds all of us together always remains. It is the unhealthy chords between individuals that are severed in a chord cutting session.

Chord Cutting sessions are $39.00 USD.

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Power Prayers for Healing or Adversities

These prayers are created for the specific individual and circumstance. There is no charge for prayers for healing or for individuals experiencing adversities. If you are interested in receiving a Power Prayer, please contact us and tell us what you would like us to pray for. Prayers are done over the phone with you.

Please allow 10 minutes of time for a Prayer session.

To contact Katarinah, email her at

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