Mazar's Mystical Offerings

This is what we've all been waiting for:

Earth's transformation into her new Lite Earth body!

Divine cosmic truths are revealed!

Our star being brothers and sisters of the Lite return and make themselves known!

Unconditional Love reigns on Earth!

These events are now in process!

"All my life I knew I was not from Earth. I was weird. I didn't fit in. I didn't feel safe. I saw other dimensional beings who harassed me. I experienced an abusive childhood. I proceeded to heal myself. My goal became to love myself and to be my Divine Self so I could help others do the same."  Katarinah

Spiritual Counseling and Healing (testimonial).

"I have had two profound sessions which changed my life. One was a homeopathic session with a holistic practitioner, and the other was a Spiritual Counseling session with Katarinah."  Mel, D.C.

Lite Message Zone (testimonial).

"I feel so light, grounded, and the blockage that was in my throat is gone. My heart is open and my throat feels so much better. I feel amazing! I feel great! I feel free!" Doreen, FL.

The Mystical Power of Vocal Toning (testimonial).

"This was really an other-dimensional experience. I have never felt so high after a workshop. It was really incredible! I'd like to attend another one. Please keep me on your mailing list. Thanks."  David,TN.

"On my journey to heal myself I met and studied with my spiritual teacher who helped me to remember who I am.

I am honored to be able to assist you in remembering who you are."




The woods are filled with magic. Secrets are found everywhere among nature, but especially among the trees. Bless our trees and woods. The lungs of the earth, guardians of the planet. We can't live here without them. 

 Our waters are our blood, our life. Power, mystery, portals to other worlds. Bless our water, our oceans, rivers, streams, ponds, aquafirs, lakes.


"I am very grateful and thank God for all the mystical, spiritual, and holy experiences, which have blessed me throughout my life."  Katarinah


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